Do not buy pig in a poke!

Watch for free example video tutorials.

Video Course C++

What are Video Courses?

Video Course is a video which shows you an ecran, while in the background you can hear a lector, who explains the issues that were raised.

Why is it worth to watch Video Courses?

1) Save your precious time!

Imagine in front of you a book... that book has about 1000 pages, it's enormous book... How much time will it take to read it? 20h... 30h... maybe even more? Will it be interesting or maybe boring? Well OK... Let's assume, somehow you have finally read it, but what now? Now you have to analyze everything, now reading time is being increased to even 60h!

Now imagine in front of you our Video Course, which lasts for example 7h. While you are watching it, you are not bored, because lector is a person who will say something funny sometimes :). You are merging business with pleasure! In addition to this you don't need to analyze some wierd, hard to understand page for many hours, here you have got everything explained, because lector is not only covering theory, he also shows everything on many examples. He treats the viewer as his close friend! Feel like you had a coach, who is your closest friend!

2) Save your money!

Think... how much averagely do you pay for 1h of tutoring ? About 40$... ?

Now... For how much can you buy our the most expensive Video Course? 49$?... How long does it lasts? Above 10h!

How much would you pay for 10h of tutoring? About 400$ !!

3) You learn faster!

When you read a book, you are using only sight as your sense organ.

While you are watching Video Courses you are using: sight and hearing!

4) Convenience!

While you are on some kind of IT courses, lectures or you are taking private lessons you can hear everything ONLY ONCE, you cannot get it repeated, this is a history! How many times have it already happened that you have missed hearing something important when your teacher was explaining something very important, and afterwards you couldn't understand it? If you want to catch up then, you have to take additional lectures / private lessons on settled hours which the most time do not fit in your plan...

Our Video Course can be watched as many times as your heart desires! If you don't hear something, you can repeat it :) Every second you can stop watching the video. You choose the hours in which to learn!

5) Contact with author!

If you don't understand something, if you have any questions, if you want to consult - you have instant contact with the author of Video Courses. Just write on He will always respond!

You can also write on our Forum.

Check out video courses before buying for free!

Check out free video tutorials before you buy anything ;)

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